Glowing Arrow Pendant Necklace

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We bring you another gorgeous glowing gift from our exceptional Gems Aglow Collection.

Let your individuality shine with one of our original piece of jewelry.

It is our imperative to bring you products of the utmost elegance and style. In that pursuit, we provide high quality accssories at an accessible cost. Our quality jewelry is original and long-lasting.

Always let your heart shine and let our jewelry be your heart’s outward expression of beauty.

Additional information

Weight 0.018 kg
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 4 cm
Metal Color

Blue Heart Moon, Green Heart Moon, Owl Moon Aqua Blue, Green Owl Moon, Aqua Paw, Blue Tree Moon, Blue Heart Moon, Bronze Blue Glow Arrowhead, Silver Blue Glow Arrowhead, Gold Blue Glow Arrowhead, Black Blue Glow Arrowhead, Bronze Red Glow Arrowhead, Silver Red Glow Arrowhead, Black Red Glow Arrowhead, Gold Red Glow Arrowhead, Bronze Aqua Blue Sword, Gold Aqua Blue Sword, Silver Aqua Blue Sword, Silver Green Dragon Wings, Silver Aqua Dragon Wings, Silver Blue Dragon Wings, Silver Green Hidden Dragon, Silver Aqua Hidden Dragon, Silver Aqua Flower, Green Hex Crystal, Aqua Hex Crystal, Blue Hex Crystal


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